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Africa Happening! Bits & Pieces

The paper below was written on October 1, 2010   It is an attempt to conceptualize African Independence, its challenges, breakthroughs, contemplation on the future, particularly for Nigeria and the 16 other countries that were 50 in 2010.  Artisticexplorations of these questions were done by three young Nigerian artists ,  Stephen Adéyemí Folárànmí , Gbóládé Omidìran and Elohor Urhiafe-Bobson, all graduates of the Fine Arts Programme, Obafemi Awolowo University , in the City of Ile-Ife, Nigeria.     Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science, African and Women's Studies Brooklyn College, CUNY  “Africa is Happening! Africa has been Happening! Africa will continue to Happen!” (Steering Committee, Modern Africa Group 2010) Introduction This exhibition kicks off the Africa Happening! series of events this fall.  It features the work of Stephen Adéyemí Folárànmí and Gbóládé Omidìran, both graduates of the Fine Arts Programme, Obafemi Aw