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Women of Distinction Award Ceremony 2024

The Women of Distinction Award Ceremony 2024 was interesting, meaningful and fun. I spoke about Ella Josephine Baker. Kudos to Assembly Member Bichotte-Hermelyn for showing appreciation for the work that women in the 42nd NYS Assembly District are doing. This is the 9th year. Looking forward to future events.

African immigrant philanthropy, NYC part 5

Part 5 of the reading of my chapter "EMERGENT AFRICAN IMMIGRANT PHILANTHROPY IN NEW YORK CITY" in J. Krase and R. Hutchison, eds. 2004. Race and Ethnicity in New York City. Research in Urban Sociology, Volume 7, 181–193. Here I give a brief account of some African immigrant organizations, and offer an agenda for the future. It's the conclusion. Philanthropy is one of the central ideals of African traditional mores. It is no wonder then that African philanthropy takes many forms within New YorkCity’s immigrant community. The key features of immigrant African philanthropy include the prominent role of informal institutions, lack of visibility to external observers and non-members of group, and small-scale philanthropic efforts by groups organized along ethnic, kinship, and national lines. Globalization shapes the decision to become an immigrant, the location chosen for settlement, and the challenges faced in both home country and country of settlement. Many African immigr