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300 days after Chibok abductions, FGN, #BringBackOurGirls!

 The photo above and poster below are courtesy of LYNX Nigeria, which is to be commended for its steadfast dedication to keeping the plight of our girls alive. Today is 300 days after the Chibok abductions.  Many girls, women, boys, and even men were abducted before and after.  Many have been killed by suicide bombers while going about their daily lives.  Many communities were brutally attacked and were not defended by the Nigerian government.   Now the Federal Government of Nigeria has postponed elections for six weeks, and it tells us (among other things) that this is because it wants to concentrate on fighting Boko Haram.  If this is true, it's sad that the government just realized that this is an important thing to do.  However, it's hard to believe this rationale, and this is a sad time for Nigeria. Many people wonder what the government can do in six weeks that it wasn't able to do in four years.  I am sad for Nigeria and concerned about our p