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Any prospects for #COVID19-Inspired Global Government?

Many people are hopeful that the catastrophic effects of # COVID19 would lead to the embrace of world government. Reminds me of Immanuel Kant and his ruminations on perpetual peace, and the liberals' optimistic expectation that humanity can build institutions that successfully manage the challenges of anarchy (absence of an institution akin to the state in domestic politics), and some of them who believe that these institutions can become supranational. I think Gordon Brown is following this tradition when he calls for a new global government. See: " Coronavirus: Gordon Brown calls for new global government to fight impact of Covid-19 "    However, I remember that the 1970s Global South call for a New International Economic Order (NIEO) failed. See:  The New New International Economic Order   Calls for global governance also failed after the 2008 meltdown. Is #COVID19 the phenomenon that would catalyze the change? Unfortunately  people who want world governance