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Full Report of the House Fuel Subsidy Probe

It is hardly any surprise to confirm what most Nigerians knew from the beginning of the fuel subsidy wahala--that the Nigerian political system is riddled with corruption and the removal of the fuel subsidy was an unfair attempt to penalize ordinary Nigerians for the excesses and profligacy of the government officials and their crony businessmen and women.  The House of Representatives probe has documented some of the ways in which the crony system operates.  It has identified some of the culprits.  The report should point out to the Goodluck Jonathan administration that business as usual is no longer tenable.  It should be used as the first step in identifying the processes and procedures appropriate for cleaning house in the petroleum sector.  It should also be the first in the lineup of probes that would be used to root out corruption in Nigeria.  Nothing less is acceptable.  For the full report of the probe, see: