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Fuel Subsidy Wahala continues...what solutions?

The Fuel Subsidy matter remains a gaping wound in the Nigerian body politic.  Everyone knows Nigeria is dependent on its earnings from the exploitation of its petroleum resources.  The new year in 2012 began with Nigeria bringing itself to the attention of the world in a new way. The Goodluck Jonathan administration decided to engage in doublespeak that was pleasing to the neoliberals at home and abroad, who consider corruption and profligacy a simple matter of venal elites gone wild.  The response through organized protests by Nigerians challenged this conclusion.  I most admire the Save Nigeria Group's stance, most recent of which is the lawsuit against the Nigerian government, see: Gbenga Adeniji's "SNG sues FG for N2.5tn subsidy payments" and the combination of God's word with social critique by Pastor Tunde Bakare in his sermons, see: is much appr