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No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished: Humanitarian Organizations that Refugees Targeted Unjustly

"Four activists were detained in Poland on 23 March for aiding migrants crossing the Belarusian border. They currently face three months of pre-trial arrest. “When they helped refugees from Ukraine they were heroes, now for providing that same help in Podlasie, they are criminals,” said Grupa Granica, an organisation helping migrants and refugees, to which the detained activists belong. The organisation said the activists were providing humanitarian aid to a family with seven children who had been stuck at the border for three months." Read more In a recent " Conversation on Ukraine " at Brooklyn College, I said: International migration research: migrants’ and refugees’ experience at borders is mediated by intersection of race, gender, religion, national origin, status, physical ability & sexuality. Politicians’ rhetoric, news analysis, & public sentiments on whom we think of as deserving & entitled to being allowed to easily cross borders and secu