#BringBackOurGirls: A Call for Safe, Secure, Excellent Education for all Children

"Guaranteed equal and equitable access to excellent education, especially for girls, builds a better world and glorious future. Excellent education should be a right available to every child.  It’s an investment in the future. It supports human and national security. I’m from Nigeria, which has the most out of school children in the world (over 10 million). I call on Nigeria’s government to actualize its Education for All commitment, and to rescue our Chibok Girls, abducted from their school by Boko Haram over two years ago. Let’s make all schools safe havens where children can joyfully learn, thrive, and grow." 

The quote above is for my 30 second Youtube clip for the Education Commission video challenge sponsored by Global Citizen. It will be recorded at the Youtube Headquarters in NYC today, Friday, June 24th.

Participants were asked to answer the question:

"How can education best prepare you for your future? And what would your ideal school of the future look like?"

The Education Commission is passionately campaigning "for three things for the future of the education landscape:
  1. The importance of the youth voice on education financing and target decisions

My answer derives from my advocacy for our #ChibokGirls and my hope that Nigeria and all other countries commit to equal and equitable access to education. However, I don't like speaking from a script, and brevity can be very dangerous, given the impossibility of capturing the full essence of what one might want to convey.


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