Joyful for release of ChibokGirls82. Praying for 113's release/rescue

Today, I am joyful and am celebrating with our #ChibokGirls82 who are now in Abuja, and their parents and families. 

While I am grateful that the Federal Government of Nigeria has negotiated for these young women's release, I am also praying that they and all those rescued and released before will get the culturally appropriate, long term psychosocial care that they need to cope with the trauma they've been through.  

It's imperative that they are given this support so they can resume some modicum of normalcy in their lives.

It's also heartbreaking that 113 young women and so many other Nigerians and West Africans are still held captive by these homicidal psychopaths. Praying too that they are rescued or released sooner rather than later, and that the people of the affected areas experience peace after this long-drawn out ordeal.  Let's keep praying and agitating that the Federal Government of Nigeria #BringBackOurGirls!

  Rebecca Samuel Yaga (to the right), mother of one of the missing Chibok girls. Her daughter is one of the #ChibokGirls82 just released. She relocated to Abuja and has been involved in the BBOG campaign for the rescue of our #ChibokGirls. The photo above was taken in Abuja during the #3YearsOn global week of action.

 Rebecca Samuel Yaga, mother of one of the missing Chibok girls. Her daughter is one of the #ChibokGirls82 just released. Needless to say, now she is joyful. We hope all other parents and family members would have a similar experience.
 Rebecca Samuel Yaga, mother of one of the missing Chibok girls. Her daughter is one of the #ChibokGirls82 just released. We rejoice with her.

As you can see from the link above, President Muhammadu Buhari is ill, and must now be in London for medical treatment. He is to be commended for keeping his word on fighting Boko Haram to reclaim Nigerian people and territory. This release is due to his administration's willingness to do what must be done to rescue our #ChibokGirls.  We pray for his full and speedy recovery.  He said in this speech: "These dear daughters of ours have seen the worst the world has to offer. It is now time for them to experience the best..."  He also promised to rescue all others.  We must remind him and the Federal Government of Nigeria of this promise until each and everyone of those held captive is released. If they are to get the very best of all the world has to offer, they must receive the best psychosocial care, inclusive of education and career opportunities.  Let's keep on advocating for our girls and everyone that's been tormented by Boko Haram. If we take excellent care of them, Nigeria will be the better for it. 

Please keep agitating: #BringBackOurGirls!


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