A SAPPED DEMOCRACY: The Political Economy of the SAP & the Political Tra...

Join me in exploring the 3rd part of the reading. This is a focus on the dynamics of Nigeria's politicaleconomy in the 1980s and 1990s through the lens of my first book, a product of my PhD research. Titled "A Sapped Democracy." This is a study of the Political Economy of the Structural Adjustment Program and the Democratic Transition in Nigeria.

Unpacking the interplay between liberal economic reforms and political changes, this study sheds light on Nigeria's dual transition period. It interrogates the complex interactions between the roles of the state, multilateral organizations, and domestic politics, and their influence in shaping policy decisions and the complex relationship between economic and political processes during the transition.

Through a focus on the involvement of multilaterals, external creditors, and powerful domestic actors, this research unveils the intricate power struggles that characterized Nigeria's development strategy. By examining the interactions between state, society, and external forces during an era of economic hardship, the book uncovers the underlying power dynamics that influenced economic recovery and democracy.

This interdisciplinary work not only advances theoretical dialogue but also provides valuable insights for policy studies by analyzing the impact of policymaking on socioeconomic and political outcomes.


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